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Individual Therapy

Pat Vroom, Ph.D., licensed psychologist

Sometimes we get stuck or overwhelmed by the complexity of our circumstances and suddenly our existing life strategies seem ineffective. Helping individuals to live their own power and strength is the focus of Pat's individual psychotherapy practice.

By learning to bring a non-judgmental awareness to the reality of each moment (even when it is uncomfortable), more options and choices often open up to us, allowing us to manage our lives with more strength and skill. This new level of mindfulness can shift our perspective and bring a greater sense of freedom and confidence.

Meditation is a tool when practiced regularly enhances mindfulness, self-awareness, and concentration.

Self-hypnosis is a focused attention tool similar to meditation that engages our unconscious mind in the support of accomplishing specific goals, changing negative behaviors, or enhancing physical and emotional functioning.

Pat is excited to integrate current research involving the use of mindfulness, meditation, and self-hypnosis. Mindfulness research contributes especially in the areas of anxiety, depression, pain, and symptoms of illness. Self-hypnosis can be helpful at times of illness and recovery, e.g. for pre-surgery, pain management, immune system enhancement, allergy, treatment phobias, treatment side effects, weight loss, IBS, etc.

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“Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm
in that which you are.”